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Hey Chimney Fishing Tale lovers, we want to hear from you. Every one of us has those instances in life where things don’t go according to plan and comedy ensues. We would like to hear about yours. No. We’re not looking for a romantic Don Juan epic love story. You see, Chimney Fishing and the OdieGroup Press loves humor and we think you might have what it takes to make us laugh.

We would love to publish an anthology made up of our reader’s experiences. What do you think? Do you have it in you to put down on paper a life experience that makes us chuckle? We are looking for clean, family-friendly short stories and essays that trigger memories in a reader. You know the type of stories we mean and, as a Chimney Fishing reader, if your story is funny to you, we’d like to see it.

Give a brief pitch of your story – just enough to whet our appetite. Example: the story of my Aunt’s funeral, where a series of mishaps and confusion ensued, but all ended well. **Do not include spoilers** We will get back to you.